Our Team

Mariana Dahl has dedicated her career to demystifying the medical profession and making the world of healthcare accessible to everyone. With a passion sparked in her early years by a community health project, Mariana has always been fascinated by the impact that knowledge about healthcare can have on everyday life. She pursued studies in health sciences and journalism, combining her love for research with her skill in communication.

Mariana’s work focuses on bridging the gap between medical professionals and the general public. She excels in distilling complex medical topics into easy-to-understand information that empowers individuals to make informed decisions about their health. Her areas of expertise include providing detailed insights into the life and work of doctors, practical health tips for daily wellness, guidance on handling common illnesses, advice on the pathways to pursuing a career in medicine, and strategies for choosing the right doctor for specific health needs.

Throughout her career, Mariana has collaborated with various health advocacy groups, contributing to newsletters, magazines, and health columns. Her approachable style and thorough research have made her a trusted figure for those looking to understand more about doctors and healthcare.

Mariana’s commitment goes beyond just sharing information; she aims to inspire action and encourage proactive engagement with healthcare resources. Her work helps those interested in the medical field, whether they are potential medical students, patients navigating their health care options, or simply curious individuals seeking to learn more about the roles and realities of doctors today. Mariana continues to explore new ways to connect with audiences, driven by the belief that better knowledge leads to better health.

Email: mariana@ordereddoctor.com